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Project UNIFORM 2014 Series


Please join us for the webinar: Celebrating Veterans: What Local Communities Can Do For a Tobacco-Free Military

Date: 22 October 2014

Time: 10am (Pacific)

Duration: 1 hour

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Part One of the Series: What is the MilitaryProject UNIFORM is happy to announce a new educational material called, “What is the Military?” It’s a Prezzi that explains some basics about military communities and tobacco use.

Part Two of the Series: Ever wonder what affect pricing and availability of tobacco products has on military tobacco use? Check out this fact sheet on the five percent myth and this fact sheet on the cost of smoking to find out!

Part Three of the Series: How has the tobacco industry influenced military tobacco use? What can you (and everyone you know) do about it? Visit to get more information and watch this webinar to find out more!


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Military service members and their families are an integral part of communities throughout California. With more than 150,000 service members within the state, California has one of the largest military populations in the United States. According to a State of California study as well as the most current numbers for the Department of Defense (2011), military service members have tobacco use rates double that of the California civilian population.

With distinctive cultural considerations and varied access to services, military personnel and their families have unique needs when it comes to tobacco prevention, cessation, and outreach. As members of our state it is vital that members of military communities be included in all tobacco control efforts.

Project UNIFORM creates military-civilian partnerships to address tobacco use in military communities by providing culturally appropriate tobacco control information and trainings to existing military cessation programs on installations; collaborating with military support networks to promote cessation services; and educating tobacco control professionals to the culture and existing services within the Armed Forces of the United States.

We hope you will explore our website and become a part of this military-civilian partnership. Please contact us anytime with questions or comments.